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Sometimes life experiences doesn’t make sense. Challenges, roadblocks and hardships makes one question even their own existence, wondering whether it’s worth it. You may wonder, why is it that some of us experience “hell” while some merry? Does it mean that there’ some lives more valuable than others?

Have you ever reached a point in your life that you just think you’re in the wrong place, or maybe here by mistake? Have you ever reached the end of the tunnel, but instead of finding a light, you find total darkness? You’re not alone.

Life is hard, sometimes even harder to some of us, but would you rather give up? Let me walk you through my own life experiences and challenges, and maybe you might find out that you’ve not even experienced the worst as you might assume.

This book contains more than just my story, for it as well motivates you and encourages you in your own life. It as well contains various esoteric messages, phrases and codes which if comprehended might open a new perspective in the reader’s mind.

Read this material with an open mind since some of its contents might warrant deep thought. This’ not just about me, it’s also about your own life. Welcome to My True Story.


Radical changes are expected in the world and for your information, this will not require public opinion, votes or political representation to be discussed of whether they are worthy or not. The changes needed in the world will be enacted and order must be established, whether seen as “evil” by man or not, that won’t change a thing.”

This material covers some vital areas of human existence where these changes are being undertaken (or will be undertaken, for those not yet enacted), outlining how they’ll even affect humanity and the world at large. Know your part in the whole process of re-arrangement and learn your role.

    3. THE NEW DAY

We’re currently in strange times when unexplained occurrences happen everyday. Many people get scared and even lose hope in the humanity’s survival.

What if I told you that everything happening and yet to happen is a part of something incomprehensible by man? What if I told you that we’ve not seen anything yet?

The contents of this book are not however meant to scare anyone, but to outline some basics of what’s going on, as well as giving a glimpse of what’s yet to be experienced, and how it’ll shape the human existence.

The BIG SHOW is just at the horizons, but that doesn’t mean you should feel hopeless. This book will open a new chapter in the comprehension of what’s happening behind the scenes, clothed by the many daily happenstances worldwide.


“Fame is adored, worshiped and sort by almost every human. Its glamour attracts everyone, and everyone is in love with it. Some of the things that make it a demigod are its attachments to prestige, a life of luxury, respect, among others. From young to old, everyone is drawn to this beast due to its outside attractiveness, but no single one of them is aware of what lies deep in its thick skin.

This beast always has its hands open to embrace anyone who seeks its company; its eyes glittering with attractiveness, drawing all around it. No one who seeks its company leaves as they came; this beast is a generous friend. Many who pass in the hands of this beast are icons, adored by their fellow men. These are among those who are at the top of the food chain.”

Please note that “We don’t give a damn on anyone’s beliefs, hopes, wishes and the like, because as far as we are concerned, nothing comes for free despite its perceived free nature.”
However, Fear Nothing.


“A new day is dawning. The whole world will shake once the “BIG SHOW” begins and no one will be spared; No stone will be left standing at its place.

We can liken what’s coming as the “General Cleaning of the House” before we can welcome in “visitors.”

Man must learn to work as a family; working towards the benefit of all while personal interests gets treaded on. Limited beliefs must be shun and man focus on higher ideals of existence.

If man must learn this the hard way, it’ll be executed perfectly and he will suffer the consequences; as the coming ones.

When “hell” becomes the reality of the world, then man will discover the uselessness of his present-held beliefs, perceptions and the like, and awaken to the unified power of the human race, where personal interests are never observed, only the common good.”

    6. FUCKED UP

From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges.

JOHN ADAMS is born in a wealthy family as a twin brother to Ezra, with a big sister ALISON. After being left under the care of his sister, he experiences what will make you question even life itself. This book is based on a true story.

WARNING: This material is intended for mature readers only since it contains some explicit content.

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