LGBT Pride | What’s the Role of LGBTQIA+ Concept in the Present & Coming Period?

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Everyone is familiar with the LGBT community worldwide due to its growing influence in the popular culture and young generation. Everywhere you look there’s an LGBTQIA+ element, be it in movies, music, streets, homes and schools.

While each person has rights to do and be whatever they wanna do/be, we’ve seen a growing divide between those who support this lifestyle/concept and those who’re against it. Remember, free will is a privilege every human has, to enable him/her make own choices.

Why the Heck Now?

As humans, we’re prone to being swept away by “trends” and lifestyles which emerge without really understanding the reasons behind them.

The “cool mentality” has always governed the human choices and lifestyles.

While the LGBT concepts were still existent in ancient civilizations, today it’s more mainstream and widely embraced worldwide.


To the neophyte, the reason for the rise of the LGBTQIA+ concept and lifestyle is because the world is changing. Who doesn’t know that, right? This’ the “new age” and “new things” will be part of it…… There’ll be all sorts of explanations revolving around this mental concept and its growth and influence in the current generations.

Nothing is wrong and so even the fore-mentioned perceptions are correct to some extent.

But what’s the reason behind it really?

A New Wave of ‘Emerging Energies’ from the “Coming One”

We’re all aware (or simply, those who are – to avoid generalization perception) that we exist within an “ocean of energies” which guide LIFE and feed LIFE to what’s considered life by man. As seasons come and go, so does the Energies involved (but to be precise, these energies don’t actually fade away completely – that might be a story of another day).

The “Coming One” has a very great influence in the mental planes as well as having some effects on human sexuality. Note that these influences are just some of the “effects” caused by the “Coming One” on the lower planes of expression (personality).

When the energies dispersed get into contact with the human consciousness, various ideas are developed, based on individual’s “level” on evolution, but due to the usual human nature, the recorded ideas are focused on the personality desires, rather than the spiritual values.

It’s through this that a mental crisis is established on men (unrelated to gender) resulting to a sexuality phenomenon.

This phenomenon is “solidified” by the other quality of the Incoming, which is a “discernment to onement” with all, whereby to the contrary, this “identity with all” when applied to the personality and sexuality produces a “confused identity” (I can’t find a simple word to state what I mean) where an individual will try to either define themselves in a way they feel as “identifying with all” or they feel like their present identity is limiting to that unconsciously recognized unity – although clouded by personality.

Multi-color Symbolism

LGBT flag colors

We’ve witnessed the pride festival in our streets with their famous rainbow flag which they have own “meaning” of the colors in it.

This post isn’t intended on claiming that what the community thinks of the meaning of the flag is wrong or not, but remember, not everything means as barely perceived and this directly relates to the esoteric meanings behind these colors.

On the esoteric level (which is beyond the personality plane), the colors of the rainbow represents the “Energies in Play” or “Powers Governing the World” or who can be just generalized as “The Great Ones.” This subject of “Powers In Control” is a very complex one and I opt not to go deeper into it for now.

Simply said, the meaning perceived of the multi-colors associated with LGBT is way bigger and hidden than imagined and has its own influence and powers among men in the World. Please note that by saying World I’m not referring to planet earth but a wider spectrum of existence.

We’re all generally ignorant to some extent, and it’s through this ignorance that many valuable “things” are taken in face value or in a perception based on an individual/group’s level of understanding, hindering the true meaning behind “them.”

COLOR MAGIC” as is “SOUND MAGIC” will be a part of the emerging world and through the LGBT’s perception and use of the rainbow colors, a way is being unconsciously paved (in the level of masses) for “that which is planned” (although used with a lower-nature perception/understanding).

Remember; WHETHER HUMANITY COMPREHENDS ANYTHING OR NOT, DOESN’T HINDER THE GREAT ONE’S PLAN and so everything proceeds as needed, whether guided by human ignorance or knowledge.

Everyone is created unique and different and so I’m aware that some conditions are beyond human control.

What are your thoughts in relation to this? Your comments are welcome.

A close relationship between this LGBT concept and gender dysphoria can be found expounded on Mental Health Awareness article.

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