Mental Health Awareness | The Growing Concern on Mental Health Issues Explained

With the global growing concerns of mental health problems, mental health awareness is crucial.

Mental health issues explained -
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Understanding Mental Disorder/Illness

A mental disorder/illness is a health condition that involves a diversity of conditions which affect mood, emotion, thinking or behavior. The conditions might be experienced individually or as a combination.

Due to its diversity (mental disorder/illness), it’s classified into various categories/types with the most common ones today outlined below:

  • Mood disorders – Depression falls on this category
  • Addictive disorders – All types of addictions
  • Schizophrenia spectrum & Psychotic disorders
  • Personality disorders
  • Gender dysphoria – Highlighted on this article (a growing concern in celebrity world and popular culture)
  • Sexual dysfunctions – In its diversity
  • Paraphilias – In its diversity and this’ majorly affecting and influencing the celebrity world and popular culture today

The above list consists of disorders that are currently growing and affecting a large number of individuals worldwide and the crux of this article.

With the current global state, almost everyone is struggling in different ways. Worries and concerns of individual life and experiences in that life are part of the modern world.

Reason for the Rise

While medical practitioners and experts have own gathered reasons/explanations of the hows of mental illnesses (although much of these conditions have no medical explanation), let not anything outlined here as the reason, be argued to be a medical explanation or in relation to medical research or records.

If you read each of the articles on this site, you might note something connecting them or relating each article to the other. This is the reference of a “Coming One.” Note that this doesn’t refer to the coming of a physical person.

With the “Forces” which are currently in play, certain human centers are overstimulated, others rendered dormant, while the psyche mechanism of man, planet, solar system, Lord of the World, and entire Existential Being gets re-arranged in preparation for that “Great Cosmic Marriage.”

As these Energies seek to influence and condition man, certain results/effects are evidenced. Since these new Energies are new to the human consciousness and man is rooted deed into the “old ways” (of life, thinking and the like), the results recorded from one individual to the other differ.

The Effects of the Stimulation

Note that this stimulation increases in intensity gradually and as of now, the potency is higher than it was some years back. It’s through this potency that we see some of the effects coming into materialization, like the rise of infectious diseases and the global sexuality problem.

It’s wise for the reader to understand that while some of these effects might be seen “evil” by some, they’re still playing their role on the designed PLAN. Therefore, regardless of humanity’s identity with “good and bad,” nothing in reality is generally so.

The results were known beforehand since experiments had been performed before to gauge the human response to these energies.

Em Khei

Depending on individual’s stage in the evolution ladder, people have different reactions and responses to the imposed ideas, resulting to the many warring perceptions, ideologies, ideals and mode of thinking.

Forget not that man responds majorly through personality, thus the inevitable problem/consequence.

Em Khei

It’s through this that the human consciousness is at war with the human rational mind since that which is being imposed is different from that which man knows, believes and have forever adored. This internal conflict (whether recognized consciously or not) affect the outer expression of man, leading to the disorders since the human brain gets “influenced” through the invisible mind.


Due to the nature of potency of these Forces and what they’re intended to achieve, majority of sane people will end up becoming insane.

Em Khei

Difference on Powers in Play on a Specific Target Group of Celebrities & the Masses

In the present world, there’ those who are considered “special or more important” than the rest – among humanity. We’re all equal and that’s a fact, but we call these fellows CELEBRITIES.

While the “Coming One” influences everyone and everything under the sun (including these celebrities), all should understand that there’ other Forces in play as well which are focusing on a specific target group in the celebrity world. Mark my specificity since it’s crucial and on purpose.

The World is governed by a combination of different Energies/Entities who focus on specific areas of human existence. As there’s day and night, there’ “Forces of Light” whose focus is the “inner side of LIFE” and others whose focus is form.

These Lords of form are generally focused on physical “things” and plane, will little interest to the inner sides (although working in unison with the “Lords of Light” since each is working out its own plan which is in alignment with the Great Plan).

Everything in the physical plane is consequential and since fame is associated with GREED (a fact), the Lords of form are aware that majority of those who seek THEM (these Lords) are basically led by this quality.

THEY therefore don’t help these individuals in understanding that what they seek will require a price in the end (an intended illusory perception created by THEM), and as these individuals gets consumed by their own attainments, a “record is ever generated” of the debt incurred and since as a human you can’t have any physical thing to pay back with (since everything is given to you by THEM), certain “impulses” gets generated in their lives as is the case to some at this time to “pay the debt.”

Remember that these Lords are super intelligent Beings and have studied humanity for ages and know that ignorance rules man. You just need to give man a perception of freedom, and in return will surrender all their freedom to you.

More regarding the Forces currently targeting this specific group of individuals can be found in detail at CELEBRITY SYNDROME.

The world is changing and many will not survive the radical changes approved. Remember, everything has a price, including change itself.

Em Khei

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