Retail Apocalypse | The Fall of Empires and Retail Giants’ Bankruptcy Wave – Retail Collapse at a Glance

The retail industry has been faced with hardships lately, making many retailers file for bankruptcy. Much of the hardships started after the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, but even after the pandemic slowing down, we see a global economic meltdown.

The Global Economic Meltdown

While within the pandemic we experienced a rise in e-commerce, no one expected an abrupt downtime like it’s now. Many of SMBs shut down, leaving giant retailers and chain stores flourishing.

It’s also within the pandemic where we witnessed a start-up boom, with majority focusing on supporting the retail’s new shift. This played a great role in growing e-commerce since people now opted shopping online.

We’re now at a blink to a global recession as IMF’s Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas puts it – “the world may soon be teetering on the edge of a global recession, only two years after the last one.”

With the pandemic still ongoing, the war in Ukraine, change in consumer behavior due to inflation, the retail industry suffers the most. (Note that man suffers most, but in relation to the article’s subject, the retail is suffering the most)

People are now consuming responsibly (to some extent) as a result of the high cost of living.

As Above, So Below

The world is changing, and a new wave is “flowing in” to the world at a higher potency than before in this period.

As stated on previous posts in relation to infectious diseases and LGBT concepts, these Energies are here to “level the ground” for a balanced global ecosystem where humanity as a whole can prosper – although most of the time misapplied and approached with misguided perceptions.

While the relation of global happenstances to the “Coming One,” can seem sinister from the eyes of the masses, it should be noted that every change comes with a price.

Many Will Fall to Give Room for Others to Rise

It’s within this period where so much unexpected occurrences will happen and to this day, it’s evident in the retail industry.

Many giant retailers are currently struggling to survive, and many have already filed for bankruptcy.

Please note also that the intended fall will as well be witnessed on individuals, not only businesses.

Em Khei

As the giants fall, a pathway is being created for new entities (business entities) which will emerge and take over.

Remember, every downtime comes with a disguised rise.

A New Era

As the old gets trodden upon, global consequences experienced and great empires plummet, a new age is designed to emerge. This new age shouldn’t be confused to the present spirituality concept belief.

Just as the darkest night precedes the dawning of a New Day, so is what’s happening – prefatory of what’s ahead.

If I may go stray from the topic, I’d like to state that people should be aware of the radical changes planned to take place in the world. Some are already notable and most importantly one (which I seek not to mention) that has paved way to a global surprise which will ensue in a period of years to come (soon).

This occurrence (which has happened – symbolically) indicates the end of a cycle and also as an alter of the monotony that has ever revolved around the endowment. It’s after this occurrence that there’ll be the falling apart of some of the “parts” creating the old endowment and much resentment (among the parts to the old endowment) will be evident in coming years until all the “parts/units” fall apart completely. (More on this will be covered later and in bits on coming articles)

Em Khei

While global crisis continue to persist, all should be aware that despite the conditions being beyond human control, everything in the end will be fruitful. No change comes without some inevitable compromises and consequences and as far as what’s happening in the retail industry today is concerned, some of the previously dominant will become dormant and new ones rise to their place.

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