Who is EM KHEI And What’s EMKHEI.COM?

HTTP://EMKHEI.COM is an online blog by EM KHEI whose mission is to “Shed A Light” in the comprehension of some of the global happenstances through truths, facts and hints hidden in poetry and narrative content.

Third Party News Content

To keep you informed of the world around you, this site has started to aggregate news headlines from a select global news providers which updates every minute. This content includes headlines, taglines and a brief summary of some of the top stories as they happen.

Copyright to the news content is solely owned by the media company and opinions solely based on the content writer, but not this site.

Beyond Belief Systems

While this site will be covering some contentious topics, let it be known that neither the site nor EM KHEI has any direct affiliation to any belief system (religious or occult).

Only a Fool Thinks He Knows Everything

We’re all a work in progress as organisms in existence and so making an assumption of knowing everything is folly.

The contents of this site doesn’t confirm the notion of Universal Correctness in their relay.

A Word of Caution

Don’t approach the contents of this site with your own perceived truths or beliefs!

Some contents of this site will spark debates and concerns to some people and groups and so anyone who reads any content in this site is advised to have an open mind since it’s only through this that true illumination will be achieved.

Word From EM KHEI

My personal profile and identity is irrelevant, and so are my personal opinions.

BUT: Be aware that while the above is true, there’ll be many hidden facts, truths and realities hidden in my writings which if noted will open a new page of mental comprehension on the global happenstances.

The world is headed into a New Era, but in-between lurks the “darkest night” which all humanity must endure if we’re determined in entering into the “light of the Day.”

I’m not a prophet and not above any human being since I’m just a simple man, but the contents on this site will contain some revelations to the comprehension of what’s happening in the world, and clues on what’s ahead.

I’m not a representative or messenger of any organization or belief system.

Welcome to EMKHEI.COM and I hope this site adds value to you, your life and humanity as a whole.


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