Wreath of Thorns | Power Shift, Opportunity to the Occidentals & the Emergence of the “New Atlantis”

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Power shift, a reality to unfold and vision I had: I was sitting down resting after a long day’s chores to rejuvenate, but then things changed….

Wreath of Thorns

An emperor sat on his throne, a golden crown on his head. Exceptionally unique and luxurious attire glittering on him. While seating on his throne, one could tell he was lonely.

His right hand was supporting his cheek in a lonely gesture, with the elbow resting on his right leg’s thigh while the left hand grasped the left leg’s knee. (A hint to this was first laid out in the Fucked Up e-book).

“Why could the emperor, with all the wealth and power feel lonely about?” I wondered. It’s at this time that I realized that his wives were threatening to leave him. He was a man of many wives and it’s through this influence that he had gained much control of his diverse kingdom.

His kingdom was shattering from within. His children no longer listened to him. His servants no longer obeyed the “house rules.” Everything in the kingdom seemed to be no longer contributing to the needs of those who were once subjects of the throne.

Everyone under the emperor’s rule was starting to feel a need for freedom. It seemed like all under the emperor’s leadership were beginning to get fed up, or tired and needed to be set free.

Power Shift

The people begun to seek their freedom. It’s like the words had been written on the wall, and the kingdom was nearing its end of reign. Everyone no longer respected the emperor or his age-long rules. People sought change. They needed it.

With the wives starting to part ways with the emperor, and children becoming unruly, the kingdom was faced by its fall. The emperor could feel the “ice cracking” and his feet were beginning to sink below the ice.

What can he do? What will he do? He was torn midway, confused and lost in his thought as his people started to wage against him…..

As Above, So Below – A Universal Fact

The entire existence works through a hidden “balancing mechanism” that operates on an impartial coherence. It’s through this that certain global changes (radical changes to be precise), are being enacted both in the physical plane and the hidden planes.

With so much at stake as of now, a new pathway has been laid out, removing the already existent dominance from the “obvious hands” and “shifting it.”

This dominance is not only in relation to global power and governance, but also on individuals. Through this shift, there’ll be some “rough” experiences from some of those who’ve been “above,” and some of those from “below” will start to rise up and taking their place at the “apex of the pyramid.”

As the power shifts, various effects will be experienced globally, which might even result to the “people’s power” movements in the streets.

So much is intended to happen in preparation for that New Day, much of which will be considered “evil” by many, but an inevitable reality which must usher in the emergence of the “New Atlantis.”

A time is coming for the occidentals to take their place in the New World. As this shift happens on the physical plane, opportunities “opened up” and they start to dominate and influence the world, so will be their spiritual attainments too.

Remember, as everything shifts, many will fall to give room for others to rise.

A United World is attainable, but at what cost?

Fear not for the future of humanity. Fear not for the bursting sounds that echo across your red horizons as the monuments to your enslavers are made into dust. Fear not as you travel the road ahead and its pathways darken under the fall of the long night…….

We are always watching out for you ▲

The Illuminati

There’s power in understanding that regardless of what happens around you, you’re never alone.

Everything is working out in perfect harmony to the laid PLAN.

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